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What makes for great Bio Descriptions?

Ask SwellNotes to SelfLearning

"…I always have trouble filling out bio descriptions because there's so many things you can say, but obviously there are character limits on what you are allowed to say and that amount of time and what I have done across most of my social media has retooled my descriptions and I wonder what are your thoughts on that? And what do you look for in a bio description that stands out to you and makes you take notice of that particular person?…"

Or do you not pay attention to them?


Lance Watson

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"…Hey, Fred Oreo, this is Ravin LJ. I really do appreciate this post as a content curator, an It professional. You know, I sort of have always have gone back to thoughts about how to effectively brand and message, whether you're public figure business or whatever in the bio area, description area for brand pages and stuff like that. And my two cent I cast my lot before. The Swell cast audience is sort of like brevity and being very succinct.…"

@FryedOreo: The Sizzle…


Dewuan .

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"…It's just what it is. And I guess too it depends on where you are at. Obviously a dating profile, your bio description is a lot more focused on than an app like Swell where the premise is for you to speak so people more likely are going to hear your voice before they take the time to go to your profile bio. And with my profile bio, did I go Buckshot esque?…"

Thank you @lwatsonjr

Lance Watson

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"…And so what I did is I came up with a more broadened explanation. So, like, if you look here on Swell, I think my Twitter, I haven't updated that in quite some time because I've sort of given Twitter since maybe the last four years, three or four years. But anyway, I digress. I've seen it practice where people will come up with like a phrase that encapsulates even if they have a spectrum of niches, it sort of encapsulates the idea, right?…"

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