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Aishu T
@Aishu07 · 2:47

Being disconnected in a connected world

And with all of these social media apps, don't you think we have become more disconnected? As human beings, we find it more comfortable to communicate our feelings or put up cryptic status messages on Instagram. WhatsApp status messages? To remove your display picture when you're sad. But we find it really difficult to actually talk to the person who is the concerned person and express this to them
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Chirag Ratra
@Ratra · 1:07
I completely disagree with this because we are far more connected. If you just look back 100 years ago, the entire female gender was not allowed to talk about it. It is only that humans have connected more, have realized where they have been wrong. That is why humans have come more closer. Now, the way you're looking at it is a very myopic picture. You have to get away bird's eye view on this, like an eagle eye view on this
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Aishu T
@Aishu07 · 0:55


It's how we have kind of replaced or we haven't really paid attention to how much those other things have replaced the human to human connection and the conversations and the heart of hearts and the things like that in our day to day life. Agree to disagree but I completely see this agree with you
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Divya Shree
@explorer · 2:31

#social #connections #interactions #pandemic #Experiences #stories

Saying something on social media or reacting to something, it's just gone, just gone there. It's just punished because like you, there are 200 other people who are reacting to that. But when you are face to face, your actual personality comes out and it's not like you're scared of putting yourself out, but it's just that when a child is born, they are trapped in a good shape
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