The Harlan Coben Mini-Series

The thing that I love about the Harlem Koben Collection is that the build up leading to the unknown of the plot is great. I mean, you can actually feel the suspense in your stomach. And unlike most thrillers, these mini series do not portray Gore or anything that might actually leave some people a bit disturbed or might be too hard to stomach. But the plots are extremely riveting

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Gaurav Chauhan
@Gaurav1106 · 1:07
And I just hope it turns out to be good because I've not spent any time, I think in over a year on Netflix or anywhere following any of the series. I think the last thing I followed was Game of Thrones only and since then nothing. So yeah, I'm going to put my time into this and I just hope it's kick a** as what you say. I also want to feel that suspense growing in because it's been a while. I've seen something good
Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:35


Okay, first of all, I love Got, even though the last season was quite a bit of a letdown. And I totally relate to this thumb rule of yours because I also tend to check the MDB ratings before starting a new show or a new movie. So, yeah, fingers crossed. I really hope whichever of Koban's miniseries you decide to start with, it doesn't let you down and it's actually worth your time