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Aditya Viswanathan
@addy · 0:26

George floyd situation

George Floyd situation? Is it a fight against racism or an opportunity for vandalism? Is human nature more opportunistic? Or will it fight for the greater good

#george Floyd situation #human nature

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Shammi Mohamed
@shammi · 3:37
The answer to that is yes and yes to both. Josh Floyd's situation is definitely the last straw that broke the camel's back. And all the protests were you're seeing all throughout the widespread, the intensity of the protests are direct result of that. Finally, people have gotten tired of trying everything. And it's kind of like really bubbling out
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Vivek Hari
@ItsVivek · 0:48
Instead, I think the way this situation has mocked it has become more of a polarizing point where the country is entirely divided and what could have been a rallying point to think about a new change to the way the communities live together has now become more of a polarizing and divided the country
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Ramya V
@Ramya · 1:27

#politicsofrecrimination #racism #policebrutality #violence #GeorgeFloyd

Cops are painted as out and out villains, and those seeking justice are painted as violent anarchist. And there's also this general feeling that violence is being accepted in the name of justice. So it's really sad that in just a matter of days, the narrative has so drastically changed from police brutality to the fear of violence and safety of the community. So given this phase, it's really hard to predict where these protests ahead of Next or what the political fallout could possibly be
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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 3:16

White supremacist culture & institutions breed violence.

It is our work as white people, as other people of color who are not black, to also take on this issue and to help each other create policies that are more just that will not let this pattern of police brutality and excessive force continue to happen. It is not surprising to me that we are seeing any violence right now because I would argue that the basis of this country is violent and is based in white supremacy, which is violent, and many people are not awake or aware of that yet
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Danny Moynahan
@Danny · 4:33

Thanks for the dialogue. There is hope.

I mean, I don't know what to do, but I'm at least going to get my feet and my b*** into the street. So you're going to see me and I'm going to be counted with all these demonstrators. And that gives me incredible hope and other other thing that gives me incredible hope that I wanted to share is I'm a teacher at a school district in Los Angeles, and I got a letter from the Board of Education from the Superintendent
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@SVJ · 0:51


Hello, Danny. I'm happy to be picking up from where you left off on a positive note because I just happened to read a newspaper on how an LNP Officer Gallon Hint shop was protected by five protesters who formed a human chain around him to protect him from a swelling mob. So I feel where there is humanity. There is hope. And of course, the last couple of weeks have sort of been venting out of years of suffering and agony
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