Participating in an annual songwriting challenge

And so I imagined us, she and I, going on a date, being at this place, and I'm very much the same way and saying, hey, you want to get out of here? Can we leave? And so that's kind of where this song comes from, by the way. It's kind of not safe for work. You might want to wear headphones. It's kind of a sexy song

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:21
Whoa. This is such a cool challenge. So cool that you participated, regardless of sickness. And I did listen to the song. It was very hot. I liked it. It was so cool. Yeah. And I really like how it was mixed. Like, very. Yeah. I don't know. Like, intimate, but also, like, very crisp at the same time. It was very cool. Thank you for sharing
Wren .
@aBirdieOnaWire · 2:13


I did guitar tracks for three or four songs in the first couple of weeks. And that one, when I felt like I was getting a little bit better, I actually took all my recording gear, and I've got this electrical converter that I can stick in my car in the. Was it like the cigarette lighter? I guess. And it inverts the DC electricity to AC electricity, and I can power my little bitty mixer that I've got. And I actually did the vocals in my car