Abantika Mukherjee
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What is Body Shaming?

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Hello everyone, this is ABANTIKA and today I will like to talk about body shaming. So body shaming is the act of making inappropriate and negative comments about another person's weight. Frequently this is something that overweight people are subjected to, but there is an increasing trend in criticizing those who look too skinny. Many people have the mindset that our weight determines our beauty. Many people even think that only consuming more carbs can make us gain weight and what not, but that is not true

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Savleen Kaur
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I completely agree with you and the fact that body shaming has become so casual that people comment about someone else's body and don't even think twice what the person might feel after that. So it is very important that more and more people gain awareness about the same so that those who are being body shame no longer experience what they now experience
ananya mukherjee
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Explained Perfectly 👍keep it up

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