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Bi-Racial People & Identity

We as people need to do better. Why is it an issue on now someone indentifies

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It was a good run


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Comforting Smells

No description available

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Inexpensive Holiday Gift Idea : FM transmitter

Make listening to swells and making swells much easier on your daily commute. This device transmits your phone sound through your car speakers

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@Professor42 · 4:37
Holiday Gift Ideas: Dumb Watch

You have the smartwatch and "Dumb" watches listen to all the benefits and reasoning why you'd probably want the dumb one over the smart one

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@Professor42 · 3:05
Apple Announces RCS Support By 2024

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@Professor42 · 2:55
Holiday Gift Ideas: Phone vent holder

Inexpensive gift idea. Great for gps navigation, creating swells, door dash drivers. These can be picked up in the price range of $3-$9

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@Professor42 · 4:56
Life update

What have I've been doing? Why the Hiatuses?

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 2:44
Swell longer duration times.

Is longer times to create a swell a possibility? As a user of this platform I've quickly out grown 5 minutes as a swellcaster

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:48
Be useful

In a world of arrogance be useful. Don't be arrogant there could be a time where you may need to ask someone something they think is trivial

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:28
Is Social Audio The Future?

Swell stands alone in connecting people in the way it's set up. Is Social audio a phrase or is it where socializing is going

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:59
Stop Believing You're More Important Then You Really Are

Isn't it funny how regardless of an issue or belief there's always that one person who believes their opinion speaks for an entire group?

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:05

Time capsule: Come back and listen in 2024-2025

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:57
Buying Raw Land

Listing companies I'm using to find land & advising to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH & utilize locals for info that isn't upfront or unknown to the R.E agency

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 3:31
The New Normal

Is a second bank account or second job the new normal? At one time one job one account was all that was needed. It's increasingly common now a days.

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@Professor42 · 4:29
I'm better than you
Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:15
Rising Grocery Costs

Grocery Costs are rising and have been for a few years. Has yours gone up or down? Any tips to lessen the cost?

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:51
CBD: Help Prevent Anxiety

Not a medical advisory. CBD and how it's helped me with anxiety

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:57
DoubleSpeak: Avoiding it

Language and how it's used to manipulate. Ask more questions, ask people to specify

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:52
Dating: Outside Of Your "Social Class"

Do finances and assets really matter? The casts contrasts in my own family have me conflicted. Am I intimidated? Is it normal to feel this way?

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:22
Tarot Card Reading: What are your thoughts

Scam or something more? How is such information obtained with no source other than an innocent question #Astrology #CardReading

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:56
On Hunt X: Property Boundary Lines/Hunting Land Locator

Modern surveying at a fraction of the cost. Find your property boundary lines as well as find public hunting land. Also displays owner contact info

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 4:11
Industry Wages: Rising Minimum Wage

Being conflicted on rising minimum wage and questioning is there any incentive what so ever to put fourth more effort then the absolute minimum?

Professor Z
@Professor42 · 5:00
Happy Birthday Kobe

Paying tribute to in my eyes one of the greatest people to live. #MambaMentality #24