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Why do some Swells list Swells "you may also like?"

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"…Hello. Okay. Question. I noticed that some posts at the very bottom of the swell there will be a list of other swells you might be interested in, but a lot of the time there aren't any listed below. And I wondered what was the defining factor to to make that happen or not happen.…"

And some don't.

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"…Hello Christina, thanks for reaching out. The you may also like suggestion that you see is one of the experimental features on the app. So that is why we are not currently doing it on on every swell. But as we learn more and as the app evolves, we may expand it to be available for all swell or we may replace it with some other features to better feed facilitate the discovery of new content. So I hope this clarifies thanks again for reaching out. Bye.…"



"…It does. Thank you very much.…"

Thank you! @support


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