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Minimize or Close option in media buttons

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"…Yeah. Hi, this is Matesh. I have recently joined in Swell Cast Swell by reference to my one of my friends who is working in the company. Actually I'm pretty pretty much like the idea and I have one question or the issue in other app. So when I'm listening to one Swell Cast thing, let's say it is completed already.…"

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"…Hi Matesh, thank you so much for reaching out as well. Support and we are really glad that you are enjoying your time on the app. As for your query about closing the audio player bar, all you need to do is swipe the bar down com and this would close the swell that you're currently listening to. I hope this helps with your question. Do let us know if you have any other questions around this and thank you so much for being on Swell. Bye.…"



"…Yeah. Thanks for providing me this details. Actually, it's a simple thing, but I actually tried it like a drag and drop. It was doing slowly. Other swipe, so it's not working. So it's my bad. Actually. Thanks.…"


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