Swell Roundtable


We鈥檙e gathering passionate people together to discuss hot topics common to them all. Here鈥檚 a chance to listen in and join the conversation.聽馃尡



Swell Roundtable: ENTER Through The Soil- The Infinity of聽GARDENING

It鈥檚 not just what you grow - it鈥檚 what grows inside of you. #gardenhttps://bit.ly/31AAhoV



Swell Roundtable: Women in聽Wine

Industry pros speaking together about all aspects of the wine industry. Raise a glass to women leading is through the vineyards 馃嵎 #wine@JessicaVanG



Swell Roundtable: Masks - the drama, fashion and utility of wearing them now and聽forever?

Welcome Dean Weiner, Lennon Gabriel, Justine Seymour. Let鈥檚 take off our masks and get into聽it!





Swell Roundtable: The Bah谩鈥櫭燜aith

Welcome Ayafor, Arun, Shiva, Duncan #discovery #faith #hope #respect Join us around this table. If only we could break bread聽together!


Swell Roundtable: College in Covid聽WTF?

What are Sander, Quinten, and Isaac doing ? How to plan when you can鈥檛 plan #college #covid#decisions



Swell Roundtable: Tattoos - Stories on our聽bodies

Welcome Eric, Taylor, Rachel and Dawn! Let鈥檚 talk about tattoos #tattoos #body #story #pride#history


Swell Roundtable: The Life Of A聽Clown

It鈥檚 International clown week! Let鈥檚 dig into the profession 鈥 In all its joys and complexities. @ringmasterroger thank you and your聽peers!



Swell Roundtable: Never too late to code - by women who聽code.

A roundtable discussion on coding from the perspectives of women who have embraced it for different聽purposes.



Swell Rountable: Education During Covid - How can we support our educators and聽students?

A very special welcome to the educational professionals joining us. Thank you for all of your hard work! #education #teachers #learning#covid



Swell Roundtable: Bending our Ears - Podcasting in聽2020

The #art the #tech of audience development. Welcome Jeremy Collins, Jessica Kupferman, Mathew Passy, Irenia聽Rousell


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