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Sontaia Briggs

 · 7mo ago · 4:31
The power in knowing where you are.

"…Like one long sigh, which is why Refresh Fridays is happening at 10:25 P.m.. I like to give it right early in the morning. And I was like, do I really even have anything refreshing to say? And yes, this is a refreshing bit of news. Knowing exactly where you are is a powerful thing. I knew. And I know that this day felt like a long side. It was a struggle. Everything felt incredibly difficult.…"

#refreshfridays #iampk #acknowledgement #power #rants


Kendall Dill

 · 7mo ago · 3:42

"…But it's just to say, too, that what if I didn't treat, let's say, like emotions in such a binary way of goods or so bad? What if every opportunity or every experience, every feeling that I had was an opportunity to develop a deeper sense of self acceptance of where I am at in that moment?…"