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Masters Talk: Day One


"…Day one at the Masters has begun. We are off and running, so this is exciting. Tiger woods, of course, supposed to go out in about an hour here, so everybody's kind of just waiting on that, anticipating that. When I take a look at the conditions of the course, it really looks is perfect. A little bit of rain yesterday, so that has really kind of slowed things down.…"

Off and running!


phil spade

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"…Let's see how he reacts to having his worst shot of the day, a chip on eight, and he goes to nine, even right in there. We'll see. I how he finishes.…"

Even through 8


phil spade

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"…Would you rather have somebody playing excellent golf or falling apart as your playing partner? Does that affect your game at all and pretty much from the pros? I don't think it does, but I do kind of throw this out there. If somebody is playing lights out golf, does it, in fact, motivate you to be at your best as well? Does it kind of lift you up? There's so many teams that play to the other team's ability. Does that happen in golf?…"

Even through 12. Would you rather have a partner playing well or terrible ?


Masters Talk: Day One

@Phil · 6mo ago · 2:00


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