phil spade

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The Masters Preview


"…I mentioned it earlier maybe he's not playing the best golf lately but this guy if he puts it all together with the iron play I think this guy can really do it then two longer shots on the board. Russell Henley and Robert McIntyre I don't know much about these guys but just doing my research I saw a couple of people within either golf digest or somewhere way down the chain here. These are two guys that they selected as long shots so I'm going with them.…"

Mitchell Ross

@mitchyro99 · 6mo ago · 2:04

"…Coming on Sunday, 250 to one, you bet $10 2500 if you win. Obviously he's not probably going to win, but I like those odds and I'm going to go with him. But no matter what, I'm looking forward to a great four days of golf. Watching Tiger, watching all the big names play. I'd love to see Rory play well. He's such an easy guy to root for. Co hopefully gets it together, but look forward to a great weekend.…"

The Masters Preview

@Phil · 6mo ago · 4:11


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