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Series on Podcasting: Making Money

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"…Are they successful in the short term, long term, and intermediate term, or is it just the short term? And how would you go about monetizing a podcasters forum? It gets to that 50. 00 10,000 listener level. Any replies are welcome.…"

Does Crowdfunding or Patreon really work?


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 5mo ago · 1:36

"…Hey, Phil, just want to jump in here to thank you for those stats, staggering stats, and for this initiation of this conversation. I think making money in the podcasting world is parallel to making money in any area where there's a passion. And you decide to jump in and do it full time. And you have the same marketing challenges as any business. But sometimes people look at it differently than a business because it's full of passion.…"



Adam Paul

@AdamPaul · 5mo ago · 1:50

"…It probably doesn't include, I think the majority of podcasters, particularly regular, quote, unquote professional, independent podcasters who aren't part of some network or larger entity that podcasting is a tool, just like I think Swell is a tool, and they're using it as an ancillary product to their larger product. Anyhow interested in your thoughts? As always, Ciao.…"


jack varnell

@emotionalorphan · 5mo ago · 4:50

"…So those things being the case, my job is to create that audience and to build that audience by finding out what they need, what they want, and what drives them to where I am, and then use the tools that are at my disposal, like Swell or the podcasters forum, my YouTube videos, which are the video versions of the podcast and some of the more creative stuff, all the replications of same content on other formats like Spotify.…"

A "Model" #podcast #monetize #mission


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 5mo ago · 1:53

"…We lean into efficiencies of technology to help us do things as fast as we can so that our hours aren't crazy because you're doing content, you're doing audience development, you're doing production, you're doing all the stuff on the technical and the creative side and the execution. My question to you is when you think about your hours that you put into this and then you go ahead and put in a payment structure, first of all, what is that payment structure?…"



jack varnell

@emotionalorphan · 5mo ago · 4:49

"…So that's how it all works for me. I know it's a really unique scenario. One I'm not afraid or bashful about. Talking about the system, the government, family relations, lots of entitlement and negative karmic issues that I just much rather have chosen or that I have chosen to not deal with my own personal life have kind of led me to a place where it's great to be in poverty because I still have a soul and so for that I appreciate life even all the better.…"



Chatty Girija

@CheersChatty007 · 5mo ago · 2:36

"…Hey Phil, thank you so much for inviting me for this question. Yes, money, money. Don't we all want to make money? And not all of us manage it too, but we will get there. So when you telling me that and only 2% of podcasters are making money, I look at it that 100% of podcasters are passionate about podcasting and 98% is still at it in spite of not making money. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.…"

100% passionate podcasters. Way to go. Andcthey will get there to make money #cheerschatty #podcasthost #brandedpodcast


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Jim ThePodcastSherpa

@PodSherpa123 · 4mo ago · 1:59

"…Hi, Phil, it's Jim, the podcast sharp. Thank you for asking what is symbolically the million dollar question, how do we make money and how are we making money? Some of the podcast platforms offer you the chance to make a little bit of money, but I'm sure that's probably kind of limited. There are some things if you Hunt around, you can find sponsors.…"


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