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Masters Day Two and Keeneland Opening Day


"…So that's really what they're kind of looking at, I would think, because she's really going to like that stretch drive in Kentucky at Churchill Downs that is much more to her liking than the Ashland stretch drive here. So we're going to be looking at this race. There's a lot of other horses in here that I think can do a lot of damage. Happy Soul, this is a sprinter, Johnny Velasquez and the irons for Wesley Ward.…"

Huge Day of Golf and Horses


phil spade

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"…So a lot of people are going to be watching the second nine extremely closely, while others are, including myself, going to start focusing on the other golfers and just see who's going to actually win this. And great to have Tiger back, but it's time now to focus our attention.…"

Tigers run over


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