phil spade

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What's your take on Electric Scooters? Convenient transportation or Nuisance?


"…I think the younger crowd may still use scooters and think it's a fine mode of transportation, especially around the city. But I would think that older generations see it more of a nuisance and find it tough to keep up with traffic when they're driving a car with paying attention to pedestrians and then scooters. But please, I would love to know, are they a nuisance? Are they a great mode of transportation? What is the ft future of scooters?…"


Zachary Hillard

@Chief2 · 2mo ago · 1:08

"…I agree it's going to be in your big cities where it's going to be most useful, but yeah, I just don't see the need for it where I live. So, no, I don't use one. And I totally agree with your take. They may work in some areas, but some not. Obviously, by the evidence you pointed out, it's just not working. So I totally agree with you. Basically have the same take you do.…"

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Amanda Beach

@Beachykeen · 2mo ago · 3:03

"…My biggest concern when I see someone on a scooter is the lack of helmets, because my husband is an insurance adjuster and my best friend is a trauma doctor. And so when I look at them, I just see risk, you know what I mean? Versus, like, reward. And especially in Chicago, because depending on where you're at in the city, our drivers range from terrifying to absolutely homicidal.…"


Swell Team

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Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 1:30

"…I'm driving with my friend Adriana, and he made a great point around just like, do you need a license to be on the road? Is there regulation? And as BGI said, a lot of people are not wearing helmets, so it's super dangerous, not only for the Scooter user, but the car drivers on the road.…"


Kyle Crossman

@kylecrossman · 2mo ago · 3:15

"…I was on it for kind of like a while with a couple of friends and then I didn't know if you knew this, but something else that the Electric Scooters do is at least in Santa Barbara again, they shut off if you try and bring them onto campus because it's going out of sight of their designated zone of the neighborhood.…"


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