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Nancy Pelosi's Stock Trading: Something doesn't seem right

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"…Nancy Pelosi's stock portfolio is back in the news today. This after Paul Pelosi, her husband, disclosed that they sold shares of a chip company called Nvidia at a significant loss. The loss totaled over 300 $0 and is having some eyebrows raised against it because the Pelosi's are not used to taking losses in the stock market. They are famous for being very successful in trading individual companies on the open stock market.…"


Ben Dickson

@bdickson11 · 2mo ago · 1:04

"…Man, this is wild to see, like, mainstream news picking this up. I mean, I saw the story on a bunch of, like, mainstream news services. I think it initially started on TikTok. There's a guy who goes around and follows, like, what, members of Congress. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but he looks at what Congress is buying stock wise and just follows them, and somehow they're always buying the right stocks.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2mo ago · 1:32

"…Hey, Phil, thanks for bringing this up. Obviously, as you mentioned, it is not a good look. And you know, when people will inevitably say that this is coincidental, I have this little phrase that I like to bring up whenever stuff like this happens, stuff that's pretty obvious for anybody with a brain to see, but somehow we're told to think the opposite. But the phrases, come on, come on. You know what's going on here.…"


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