phil spade

@Phil·4mo ago·1:57

What do You Worry About with Delivery Drivers?

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"…In a recent poll, delivery drivers were confessing to eating food, damaging packages, and a lot of other bad behavior. And it really brings up something that I refuse to think about when I actually order food.…"


Chelsea Hanawalt

@allowthesun · 4mo ago · 2:19

"…I do know that a percentage doesn't go to them, but I think if I tip more than maybe it does, I'm not sure. Hopefully they get more of the percentage. But I think I've noticed when I've been with friends who order through Uber, like, the Uber eats, those are more when things are missing or the food is really cold. It's mainly for restaurants that don't do deliveries, and then you have to have someone pick up the order for you.…"

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J Wang

@jsmwang · 4mo ago · 1:48

"…And that always spade sense to me and just to not be rude. But yeah, this super interesting article and I appreciate you sharing. It definitely given me a lot to think about.…"


Kyle Crossman

@kylecrossman · 4mo ago · 1:01

"…Hey, Phil. I already don't really order that much from delivery drivers just because it's kind of expensive and I always sort of feel like I can just go get it myself and it's not really a big hassle for me. But reading in that article and all those disturbing things like you were talking about, I guess it's just even more of an incentive for me not to go through delivery drivers.…"


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