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Casey and Vicki White: On the Run

True Crime

"…Well, it's been over a week since prison guard Vicky White escorted Casey White, held the door open for him in broad daylight in an Alabama prison, and they waltzed away and they have not been heard of or seen ever since. And it's been over a week now. I just find this whole thing unfathomable. I don't know how in this day and age, there are no safeguards against a prisoner just waltzing out of prison in broad daylight without drawing any sort of alarm.…"


phil spade

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"…People were speculating that they could be out of the country by now because it had been ten days, but they were only 260 miles away. I'd love to know why. I'm beginning to think that they didn't have much of a plan at all. The second thing is how they actually got caught, I guess. Casey took the truck that they were driving to the car wash. The car wash has cameras. Car wash noticed a huge individual outside the truck.…"

Update..CAPTURED 260 miles away???


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