phil spade

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OFFICIAL: Announcing My Retirement From Youth Sports


"…And that's the thing that I really want to instill into parents and coaches, is they're all community kids. Don't think of it as Jenny is stealing my daughter's position if she plays well. I saw so much jealousy. But it's all our community girls, and we all need to get in the passenger seat and let them drive their own career. Let them decide what it is that they want to do and then support it in any way.…"

Advice for coaches and parents


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4mo ago · 1:33

"…Phil, this is such a beautiful, beautiful post. It's so timeless, really. I cherish that you are in this space and so clear and able to give such great tangible tips and guides because you've just been there and frankly, you've seen your power as a coach and as a youth leader. And it makes so much sense that when you see people behaving badly, it just brings you to your most urgent space because I feel your frustration.…"

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