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phil spade

 · 3mo ago · 3:19
Carlos Alcaraz: The Next Great

"…I can't remember the last time that a 19 year old has really kind of encaptured all of our attention and awe in one tournament. I think the last time that I remember is a guy by the name of Boris Becker at Wimbledon diving all over the court. This guy is doing the same thing. I'm usually the older guy that says, these young kids don't understand the game anymore. I am such a fan of this guy. This guy is just a treat to watch.…"

If you haven't seen him yet, tune in tomorrow


Arish Ali

 · 3mo ago · 1:37

"…They're a big three to play for the last so many years. This is a breath of fresh air. So such a different style, so much energy. Sheer pleasure to watch a match. So I'm looking forward to the final, and I'm looking forward to this guy going a long way in his career.…"