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Mark Brooks

 · 5mo ago · 5:00
Can Online Dating Burnout be Stopped?

#Onlinedating, #internetDating, #Tinder, #Hinge, #OKCupid https://s.swell.life/STAHGisswxsxcbG


J Wang

 · 5mo ago · 2:55

"…A good amount of people ended up marrying other people who lived in their building. And, yeah, the proximity thing and the fact that you don't have many choices other than people within your circle of family and friends, and oftentimes you're more alike with those people, and there's a high probability that you would end up being compatible with one of the people with mutual friends in the same social circle.…"


Arish Ali

 · 5mo ago · 0:05

"…Hi, Jay. I'm adding the link to the BBC article you wanted. You can just tap on it and read it.…"

@jsmwang @markbrooks Link to BBC article https://s.swell.life/STAG2wkiAFKGO1L


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15

Radha Patel

 · 5mo ago · 0:15

"…Mark, thanks for always providing such amazing commentary on the latest news in the dating industry. Definitely going to be using this article and some discussion points we're going to be hosting at Saudi Arabia. Cheers.…"


Mark Brooks

 · 5mo ago · 4:39

"…That's fantastic because we do have a huge problem with Ghosting in the dating industry and a few companies like Coffee Makes Bagel and Bumble have put some time into really making their culture within the app such that people are less inclined to Ghost. They've put disincentives in place to say, basically, this is not the way we do things here. You sign up to not go and treat people nicely and then they keep people off the app if they don't.…"


Monji Batmunkh

 · 5mo ago · 3:37

"…Hey Mark, thanks for starting an interesting discussion and sharing the article and your thoughts as well. I always find it interesting so I'll try to find my two cent or two points. The first point is around the way decisions are made or the rules of the game. Currently that rule is pretty much one dimensional, right? People see one or a few photos and make their decisions in few seconds and that leads to very unequal and unnatural distribution of attraction.…"


Emilie Vayner

 · 5mo ago · 1:15

"…And yet everyone I know has tinder and uses tinder, so it has definitely increased this kind of sense that especially women, also men are easily accessible and usable for sex. And I think that online dating burnout can't really be stopped. I just think that we've come too far and even younger generations are also relying client on it.…"