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Welcome all Journalists and Reporters!

This Open Swellcast celebrates our connection and coordinate efforts to support a thriving industry of professionals. Thank you / say hello!



Tremaine Johnson : writer / author of upcoming "Black Genius"

Journalist , commentator #NYT #RollingStone #CNN we are ready to flow with Tre! Let’s go!



In Conversation with Monique El-Faizy

Paris-based journalist, NYT, Wash Post, many more - We’re digging in to her craft and her life @MoniqueElfaizy



The Refugees : Telling their stories and why it’s important | featuring JEANNE CARSTENSEN

Award-winning journalist / New York Times, The World, The Nation, Salon; now author of upcoming book on the refugee crisis @Jcarst



Writer / Podcaster Scott Neumyer

With bylines in NYT, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Scott’s accomplishments go way off the page. Now we get to speak with him about ... 🍿🌱





You are in CHARGE on Swell.

Can we handle the keys the car? On #twitter we can not delete misinformation. Here as a #swellcaster you can.


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