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Jessica McMillan

 · 12mo ago · 3:13
FKA Twigs’ "Measure of a Man": New theatrical song and video for The King’s Man

"…So this is really great hearing this combo, a traditionally sort of sultry jazzy theatrical song with some hip hop, and I think something to really get us into a groove for the week, so I thought I would share it. This Monday, FK Twigs has announced an upcoming album. She says it's going to be a mixtape and I'm really excited about it. But for now I'm going to enjoy this song and I hope you do too. Thank you. Bye.…"

#music #songs #FKATwigs #film #TheKing’sMen https://s.swell.life/SSqBwPsGGxHdmoq https://open.spotify.com/track/7HJd5LrIX8cG4kz0GXO6zI?si=6shSoKVsQuWC


Deborah Pardes

 · 12mo ago · 0:38

"…And now I'm going the rabbit hole, which I'm going to do a lot of times. When you share your music, I go down a rabbit hole. It's a good place to go down. Thanks so much for this.…"

Ah the JLM Rabbit hole…