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Jessica McMillan

 · 12mo ago · 4:58
Can’t Stand the Rain Playlist

"…And she was in a way before Janet Jackson and then Beyonce and all of the successors that we celebrate. Now I've included a whole bunch of other really great tracks here, and I'm attaching an article I wrote in regard to it, so I won't talk about everything. But another highlight for me is a beautiful duet by Bonnie Ray and John Prime. I was talking about Bonnie Ray last week, and I wanted to include just a really inspiring song called angel from Montgomery.…"

#music #songs #playlist #HighRotation #BadBrains #TinaTurner #TheAntlers https://s.swell.life/SSr2AZKHSve4nTo https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1lFU10


Todd Wiese

 · 12mo ago · 1:22

"…I loved it so much. I had to buy one of the albums, and I'm going to buy some more after Christmas. I think the album I bought was called The Lemon of Pink. So check that out. And thanks for your musical updates. I really dig them. Okay. Take care. Cheers.…"


Jessica McMillan

 · 12mo ago · 0:47

"…So I definitely am going to check this out, aside from the collaborative stuff, but yeah, I love it when people reply because this is how we learn about new bands or are reminded of things that we've forgotten. I appreciate it. Thanks. Bye.…"


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15

Bowie Rowan

 · 12mo ago · 1:03

"…And I just wanted to add, I think another favorite Rainy Day listen for me is some Arthur Russell because you have some more somber songs. You have some more dancing songs if you're trying to up your mood on a rainy day. And you also have songs that just like, make you feel happy to be alive and feeling things no matter if it's raining or it's on the outside. And I love that about him.…"

@JLMcMillan Arthur Russell