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Jessica McMillan

 · 1yr ago · 3:22
A song to unite the world? Bill and Ted, Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye

"…And then, of course, the sequel that just came out a few years ago, playing around with what that song is, and I don't want to spoil it for any of you who haven't seen the movie, but it is a very charming movie for anyone who likes the first one. It is a good romp. It is pretty funny. So what are your songs that would maybe idealize this idea of bringing the world together?…"

#music #unity #peace #equality https://s.swell.life/SSosK1PzzW5PnqF https://variety.com/2020/artisans/news/music-supervisor-bill-ted-face-the-music-1


Marco North

 · 1yr ago · 2:31

"…And I had a pretty good tradition going with my older daughter Eve every Christmas or New Year's, and sometimes even Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. We would pick a song and a song we would cover, and we would kind of work it up together and find our parts and kind of make it our own. And then we'd just make a little video and post it. And as you might imagine, what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding was one of them.…"



Jessica McMillan

 · 1yr ago · 1:38

"…When we're looking at almost really idealistic notions in, like a John Lennon imagine versus a very real lived in a reality of Marvin Gaye and the plight for equality, which certainly deserves a lot more attention in terms of the work that must be done. It's a reminder of the work that must be done. But yes, it's mostly just in good jest. It was inspired by that thought about Bill and Ted's Excellence adventure, but it's not such a bad idea.…"