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Subhi Saxena

 · 7mo ago · 2:02
How Swell is Helping me?????

"…Now I think that I am getting out of my shyness a little bit and getting more comfortable to talk to other people and enjoy the company of them. So I am really happy these days because of this change in me. So yeah, this was all I was actually trying to confess here on a little bit. A little experience of mine. If you have something like this, some experience of yours like this, please share here. This one should be successful. You for listening.…"

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kamakshi kakkar

 · 7mo ago · 0:50

"…Definitely a great experience of being on swell Also the swells are motivating me so much that the day by day I am increasing in giving advice as well as implementing in my life as well So I think as well is making me also a very more confident person David also letting me come to know a lot of facts because before you choose the topic you need to know about that topic obviously because you have to talk about that topic during the swell So I think that is the great deal that day by day I'm gaining knowledge as well also getting a great opportunity to justify speak in masses I think this is the biggest opportunity I ever have thank you.…"


Subhi Saxena

 · 7mo ago · 0:16

"…Yes, yes, definitely agree with your point, Kamakshi. And also we are free to, you know, tell our opinions to anyone here and they will not judge you. Basically, they will tell their opinions and we'll have a great conversation ahead. And this is really great. And thank you so much for applying.…"