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Review: ‘CODA’ spotlights the Deaf experience, on Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s Sundance darling (and potential Oscar contender) is a sweet coming-of-age story about a culturally Deaf family and their hearing daughter.



Kristen Stewart is a striking Princess Diana in the mad, mesmeric ‘Spencer’

This strange mix of reality and fiction is one of the fall’s more compelling films.


‘Belfast’ a messy, mawkish reconstitution of youth

Judi Dench and Ciaran Hinds shine in Kenneth Branagh’s uneven cine-memoir.



‘Pig,’ a stunning Nicolas Cage film, is on Hulu

One of the year’s most surprisingly transcendent films is now streaming.





‘House of Gucci’ is a big, baroque comedy of errors that devolves into tragedy

Ridley’s Scott’s star-studded biographical crime epic is dressed to kill and cast to the nines.

‘The Feast’ is a slow-burning eco-horror set in Wales

Lee Haven Jones’ film, out on VOD and in theaters, eats the rich.


‘The Harder They Fall’ is a big, stylish mess

Jeymes Samuel’s revisionist Western, packing an incredible ensemble led by Jonathan Majors and Idris Elba, is exuberant but disappointingly shallow.


‘Eternals’ box office results are in

Marvel’s latest blockbuster, its first to go rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, is opening in theaters.



‘The Beta Test’ a Lynchian dive into Hollywood corruption and greed

Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe’s independent feature, out from IFC this week, is a satirical look at Hollywood talent agencies.


‘Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin’ resets the franchise with mostly enjoyable results

Paramount+ has the seventh entry in the PA franchise now streaming.


‘Last Night in Soho’ is a messy, unsatisfying throwback to ‘60s London

Edgar Wright’s horror-thriller is a victim of its own noble intentions.


‘Voyagers’ on HBO Max is surprisingly diverting YA sci-fi

I’m as surprised as you are that I’m recommending ‘Voyagers.’

‘Passing,’ in theaters today, explores racial ambiguity in one of the year’s best films

Set in the 1920s, Rebecca Hall’s elegant adaptation of Nella Larsen’s novella is a sight to see.



A24’s "The Green Knight," on VOD today, is a bold reimagining of Arthurian myth

Translation: go see this wild movie, and revel in the power of Dev Patel!


‘Dune Part Two’ is a go! Here’s what that means

WB and Legendary just made it official: there’s a new sci-fi franchise in town.


‘Succession’ S3 E2 understands the agony of the Roy siblings

"Mass in Time of War" showcases this series’ masterful grip on its characters.


‘Dune,’ at long last, is a brutal, psychotropic space opera — and a triumph

Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ is the jaw-dropping Hollywood spectacle of the year.

‘Succession’ season 3 premiere: It’s war

My assessment of the Season 3 opener, "Secession."


‘Censor,’ now on Hulu, is perfect Halloween viewing

Prano Bailey-Bond’s ‘80s-set horror is a marvelous tale of repression and release.

‘Halloween Kills’ a connective tissue franchise entry

The slasher sequel moves us from point A to point C.


Scott Cooper’s ‘Antlers’ an effective, if self-serious folk horror

Guillermo del Toro produced this creature feature, starring Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons.



Wes Anderson’s ‘The French Dispatch’ opens CIFF with a brilliant, New Yorker-inspired omnibus

Anderson’s symmetrical, idiosyncratic style is on full display in this breathless, brainy anthology.

‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ is actually amazing

The reviled ‘Halloween’ sequel is a pod movie, not a knife movie, and it’s awesome.



Yes, Timothée Chalamet is ‘Wonka’

Paul King’s reimagining of the chocolate factory entrepreneur is filming.


David Fincher will tease "something special" for Netflix tomorrow

A look at ‘The Killer,’ footage from ‘Love, Death, and Robots," or - gasp - more ‘Mindhunter’?


Box-Office Report: ‘No Time to Die’ at no 1 as moviegoers slowly head back to theaters

Box office grosses are still down, but the new Bond outing performed admirably.


‘The Rescue’ is a thrilling but ethically dubious documentary about the Thai cave rescue

Jimmy Chin and E. Chai Vasarhelyi made an exciting, dramatized doc about this rescue, but was it their story to tell?

‘No Time to Die’ an entertaining if half-cocked swan song for Daniel Craig’s James Bond

In staging Craig’s finale ‘No Time to Die’ as the biggest Bond ever, the filmmakers deliver a 007 outing that buckles under its own weight.

A24’s ‘Lamb’ is as weird as promised

Is this director merely indulging a sick sense of humor or hewing closer to earnest family drama?


NYFF: "Benedetta" draws the ire of the Catholic League

Paul Verhoeven’s profane, profound thriller set within the Catholic church did not sit well with New York’s less secular side.


NYFF opens with "The Tragedy of Macbeth"

In which Frances McDormand answers a call on her flip-phone.



2021: The year of the movie musical, or proof they mostly don’t work?

Between Sia’s ‘Music’ and Stephen Chbosky’s ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ what is going ON with movie musicals this year?

Interview: St. Vincent talks "The Nowhere Inn"

For, I spoke to Annie Clark about her rock star alter ego St. Vincent and her new mockumentary.


Review: ‘Cam’ a rich, psychosexual thriller set online, about a camgirl’s struggle to regain agency

This Netflix horror is a mesmerizing treatise on voyeurism, agency, and digital fracture.


Dan Stevens: a tribute to a chameleon, and a true movie star

Since leaving ‘Downton Abbey,’ Stevens has emerged as a truly versatile talent. My essay for Paste Magazine:

‘Kate’ review: How many ‘John Wick’ knock-offs will we be punished with?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s new actioner ‘Kate’ is more inferior product.



James Wan’s "Malignant" is a new, triumphantly messy vision of terror

The architect of "Saw," "The Conjuring," and "Insidious" is back with a massive, cuckoo-bananas horror inspired by Frank Henelotter and Italian gialli

Review: "The Nowhere Inn" skewers the artifice of musician documentaries (Part 1)

St. Vincent and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein join forces for a vertiginous excoriation of celebrity image-making, out this week on VOD.


Rolling Stone’s 500 Best Songs of All Time list just got a refresh. Discuss!

What are the most exciting and egregious exclusions and inclusions on this naturally biased list?

Looking for zombie thrills on Netflix? "Ladronas de Almas," "Atlantics," and "It Comes at Night" have you covered

A trio of zombie horror recs for those hankering for a little more undead action on streaming.


"The Bodyguard" remake is moving forward, but do we need one?

How can you recapture the magic of that 1992 original without Whitney Houston?


Review: "The Alpinist" struggles to keep up with climber Marc-André Leclerc

One of the most accomplished alpinists in the world gets a suitably vertigo-inducing doc. My full review:


Looking back at Italian giallo horror

The aestheticized, textural excess of Italian horror continues to influence filmmakers today. Here’s where to start.

Pitchfork Fest: St. Vincent gives a grand headlining show on Day 2

The guitar goddess tore through a high-energy leading slot at Pitchfork Fest on Saturday.


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