IITK96 Reunion Swellcast


This is the public Swellcast for the batch reunion. Contact @arish to join the IITK 96 batch private group.

Welcome to IITK 96 Memories Swellcast

IITK 96 batch alumni - share your memories by joining the conversations or starting your own. @iitk96reunion



Share your ideas for what the alums can do to help reinvigorate the IITK brand?

A follow up from the Zoom call today - please share your thoughts on helping IITK.

Photos from Irina - Hall 3 Hall Day?

@irinasingh shared the pic - does anyone know what event was this?



The Shirts of C-Top :)

The t-shirts that my wing mates wore are seared into my memory. @Zubin @Arun @jojorabbit @Rohit1 @knpdreams @asarkar @Ajit @sshekhar @Sushant


The Festivals of IIT Kanpur

What was your favorite part of the festivals? Link to Rahul’s album - https://s.swell.life/SSO4OKqqFjRKsrd



Did you try Gliding when you were at IIT Kanpur?

Did you take lessons or joy ride at the Gliding and Soaring Centre? @iitk96 @bulla https://s.swell.life/SSN6nfZohDnyCbE


Thanking our batch mates - who saved your skin at IITK?

The unsung heroes who helped us pass the quizzes and classes we would have flunked otherwise.

Who was your favorite prof at IITK?

From Vijay Singh to S.Kar, from Dhande to Mohini Mullick - who inspired you at #IITK?



What trip was this?

Anyone remember where this was taken? @sshekhar @Zubin @Arun @jojorabbit @Rohit1@sumit


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