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Is Social Media A Turnoff For You With Dating?

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"…I have been using social media consistently for the better part of 20 years, give or take, and it's gone through different phases. I remember it was something that people laughed at you for using and they thought you were talking to like older fat white men, particularly when you were it wasn't really dating apps per se, or dating sites per se, but it was social networking sites.…"

What are some Toxic Traits you have noticed in yourself/others when using Social Media?


J Wang

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"…Hey, I love hearing your perspective about it because I can totally see your point. Like I would it is kind of weird sometimes when you can't find anything about someone online, you can't see their expressions, all of that, because it is a huge part of our modern identity.…"

Dewuan .

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"…And I think it's interesting because social media is so intertwined with the smartphone that I feel to some degree, if you're getting to know somebody through text, that's one way in which how you all communicate. I would liken that to be a sister of social media. That is just as just as much of the act to me. And I do find that people still benefit from social media in ways like they'll use TikTok.…"

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Ophelia Johnson

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"…Like the person before me said, it's like somebody scrolling through their phone the moment you get up to go to the bathroom. It's like they were waiting for you to leave so they could check their messages or who's doing what. And I wonder if that stuff is really important at the end of the day. I have Facebook, I have Instagram, but I feel like every time I go on Facebook, I get depressed. Somebody's died, somebody's mourning, someone lost their job.…"

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"…We usually would involve my kids, so that's where that goes. But to each his own. I'm realizing it's really kind of becoming more popular with women that they kind of get turned off by the idea of guys being on social media. And I can't speak for all women, but from the ones I have heard, it's kind of the same reasons you give in terms of the trust issues, not trust issues, but trust concerns.…"

I have some questions. @LadyO

Ophelia Johnson

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"…I feel like scrolling through people's lives and looking at their pictures and stuff is really kind of a waste of time depending on what you're on those sites. For example, I like Instagram because on Instagram I can find a lot of inspirational people who are on there that I can read their quotes and things like that. And even with setting up my own business, get some business ideas of how to set up my Instagram account to get more followers and things like that.…"

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