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"…This is the same that could be said with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et cetera, where the objective is not anymore to unify through great things, but to chase algorithms and to get as much money as you can from a said topic or subject. But will this ultimately wear out social media as we know it? Will it become a place of vitriol in hate that not even sponsors would want to pay for? The adaptableypse is a great example within YouTube.…"

Does it hurt or help to recieve/give social engagement?


Chelsea Hanawalt

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"…I think that wasn't until Facebook. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone remembers. So, yeah, I was like, okay, what was thinking of? What's the intention? Like, you said, the connection. Okay, so we are connected now and we're using the comments, but yeah, most of the time it's full of hate and just ugliness on the comments. So it does make me think, like, do we really need the comments?…"


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"…But I know recently there was somebody that commented with 1 second worth of audio just saying good post, which to me felt reductive to the post and also it felt more as like hey, look at me, follow me, which is something that I don't want to partake in at all. I was thinking about like what could be the possible philosophy behind comments section in terms of the way people take on these sorts of personas in the comments section. There's definitely a lot of peacocking in comments section.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

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"…And then having these prompts and having these great questions that you pose, it just makes it for me just even more intentional when I go on them. So thank you.…"

Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 2mo ago · 3:26

"…Man. The comment, the comments section, I think it has helped these social platforms for the better and worst. I think for the worst, it kind of has distracted us from its original source, like you said with the Michael Jordan and LeBron James. I believe that's what you said. I have to go back and listen to it, but I think you said LeBron or Michael Jordan. We can get a bit distracted.…"

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"…So yeah, the comments section is vital and without it, it's not as interesting. I find I'm not as intrigued in something if there isn't a comments section. So let's take, for instance, Swell. Imagine if there was no way to reply here. You could just listen to what people say. Now that might bring about a different way in which how people speak, but I don't know if that would be fascinating for me.…"

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The Comment’s Section

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