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Rainy day

NatureNotes to SelfLearning

"…Maybe one day I will get an umbrella and I'm pretty sure I'll lose that umbrella a few years after purchase date. And I have been looking into getting a raincoat but seems like I'm always broke when it's time to buy one. But I have to remember to get one soon. Have a great day, everyone and.…"

Throwing caution to the wind.


Lance Watson

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"…And some of the attendants there on the ski lift, they said, yeah, there was a storm coming in. And I just want you to know, just in case you haven't been up here before, that if you go past this elevation on the ski lift, you may get caught on the ski lift and be stuck there for an unmeasured amount of time.…"

@FryedOreo: Singing in the rain…

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Dewuan .

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"…So I'm really never in a situation where I'm going to be, like, drenched completely. But there have been times where I was and I don't know, it was something about that that I found kind of interesting in a weird way. I can't remember one summer many years ago, well over 20 years ago, some friends of mine, it was raining like it was a really bad storm.…"

Nature calls. @lwatsonjr

Rainy day

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