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Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 2:34
Healthy Moms - Caring for Those Who Care: Q/A with Dr. Sherry Ross

"…She's been a real support here over the few years that we've been around, and she is an extraordinary practitioner. She's a gynecologist. She also is somebody who's really emerged as a voice for women's health at all levels. She's on the Ellen network. She has a show called Lady Parts. Lady Parts. I just love that. Everything about that. And she's just a delight to be with.…"

Here’s more info: https://www.drsherry.com/ @drsherryr @DrSherry


Caitlin Anderson

 · 3mo ago · 1:58

"…Deborah, thank you so much for sharing this thought. This has actually been a thought of mine, you know, a lot lately, then thinking about how I can focus both on, you know, being a mother, a new mother. My wife and I, we just adopted a little boy about a year ago. He turned a year old on August 2. He's incredible.…"


Marci Melzer

 · 3mo ago · 3:59

"…This is how they're going to get there. We're not going to pull them out. They need to get there themselves, but we need to provide tools for them. So while they're freaking out, teaching them how to focus on their connection with their child, that's what I do.…"



Swell Team

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Sheryl Ross

 · 3mo ago · 4:52

"…For me, it can look like I'm getting a good night's sleep. A good night's sleep at my age, at 60, is really important and it's keeping a routine. And I then carry this over to trying to work out three times a week for 30 minutes. Going for a walk is just the basic, easy way of also giving you a break. And part of the self care notion, eating well and then socially is also self care.…"


Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 2:34

"…And that in itself during COVID was a real challenge, and some people got super depressed. I'm going to also tag a conversation I had with Drsherryr about a year ago, a pretty intensive one about women's health. She used another she had a different swell name. It was drsherryr. So I'm going to also tag her that name here so you can hear other things she responded to.…"

@drsherryr @DrSherry here’s that other swell https://s.swell.life/STHQF7ubdv9tb7N