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Deborah Pardes

 · 10mo ago · 1:17
Welcome to the Podcast Review Station

"…So looking forward to hearing from you and hearing all about the podcasts that are out there, two millions a lot. So we can all help each other Wade through all that. Thanks.…"

What are you listening to?


Sontaia Briggs

 · 10mo ago · 2:14

"…If you listen, it's something that I don't understand. Justice system like people are in the jail for 30 years for robbing a store and they had a knife in their pocket. I don't know. But anyway, and there's all these other implications we know to not try to get into that because that's not even my specialty as far as researching information. But your hustle is very good. But the gentleman got out the host and now he does it on the outside.…"

Ear hustle!


Indy Rishi Singh

 · 10mo ago · 0:46

"…So check it out Political Hope. It's on Spotify. It's on itunes, on Amazon and leave a rating if you feel called to thank you and let me know what you think, what episodes or whatever that you all think are helpful or interesting or insightful or any recommendations, who I should interview.…"

https://s.swell.life/SSxkm6wNuM6SvZT https://open.spotify.com/show/0DwOrao6


Ray Garraud

 · 9mo ago · 0:37

"…Hello everyone. This is Ray. I am the host of the Rookie Runners Podcast, a podcasts about the sport of running, catering specifically to the new runner. But a lot of seasoned and recreational runners can get something out of it as well. Running tends to be an individual sport, and it allows each person that embossed into a running journey to discover a part of themselves yet undiscovered.…"



 · 8mo ago · 0:47

"…Hey folks, this is Boy Saint. Thank you for inviting me into the podcasts station. I've been a podcasts for about two years and if you want to check out my podcast, the description is up at the top, acrefm or acre Fmbhp 22. Give it a listen. Let me know if you like it or not. Like I said, I had to do a second one because my first one got tacked like a year ago. So just give me a holler and listen to it.…"



Myrina Tristan

 · 7mo ago · 1:13

"…Hey, everybody, its Marina Cohost of The Accidental Swingers Podcast. Come listen to our podcasts. My husband, Tristan and I talked about our journey into ethical non monogamy about four years ago, which did happen quite accidentally. But you'll have to listen to the podcast to figure out how that happened. But now we embrace this lifestyle and we decided that we would talk about it to the world because it has really enhanced our relationship. It's made us better people.…"

https://accidentalswingers.com #swingers #nonmongamy #hotwife #podcast #sex #poly #threesome #kink


Deborah Pardes

 · 7mo ago · 0:34

"…And I hope you enjoyed community and I hope you enjoy building community here as well. So here we go.…"


jack varnell

 · 7mo ago · 2:53

"…We focus primarily on poetry and literature, but our lean is towards healing and the use of arts and creative writing and other tools such as that as healing tools in a toolkit that we use to kind of do battle in this world that we've been living in since our existence. So I'm really pleased at the opportunity to reach out, touch some new folks, investigate some opportunities. And certainly I would welcome you to go and listen to the podcasts. It's called Social, Yet Distanced.…"

A cross blend of neuroses combining poetry, art, politics, real life tales of an emotionalorphan, and unfettered topics. #poetry #podcast


Taylor Witt

 · 7mo ago · 3:14

"…And I don't know, I just really feel like I relate to all of them and they've really made me enjoy podcasts. And a lot of the guests they've had on have podcasts as well. And it's helped me find other podcasts that I just really enjoy as a young adult. It's just very light hearted. It's not like an informational podcast. It's just more of a lifestyle podcast with four friends.…"

Great Podcast for those looking for loght hearted conversations.


Deborah Pardes

 · 7mo ago · 0:28

"…Hey, Taylor, thanks so much for your suggestion and also your observation for that. You know, sometimes podcast reviews help people just get into conversations or listen to conversations about things that they can't have anywhere else with anybody else. And that's why it's such an attractive place and it's in your ears. It's pretty intimate. And I really get what you're saying there. And thanks for the recommendation and great to hear your voice. Thanks. Bye.…"