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Cinemaholics Podcast

 · 2yr ago · 1:17
What are your Halloween plans this year? Costumes/Horror Movies/Candy?

"…Hey, swell people. So Halloween is coming up, and it's a different Halloween that I think we're used to. But we are asking all of our listeners and our friends here on Swell to let us us know. What are you doing for Halloween this year? Do you have an interesting costume? You're playing all of the COVID stuff? Are you watching any Halloween movies? If you have any Halloween movies like to watch traditionally on Halloween, we want to know that as well.…"

#Halloween #Movies


Bowie Rowan

 · 2yr ago · 1:25

"…My friend and I are going to go on a socially distant haunted bike ride in a trail here that's near a bunch of abandoned Railways, and it's supposed to be very spooky. So hopefully it will still be fun, even though it won't be able to be quite as social as it normally is. But I'm wondering. So I'm not really into horror movies. I just don't know that much about them other than the few that I've seen.…"

Spooky rides & Hocus Pocus!