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How do you honor your favorite people after they leave you physically?

I just lost my biggest supporter and fan. How do you honor your favorite people who have to leave you physically to go to a better place?

Bookish Chatter has more episodes available!

Be sure to check out all of the new episodes on Bookish Chatter!

The Protector is available NOW!!

#theprotector was launched today and is available for purchase! Be sure to snag your copy now before the price increases!!


The Dreaded and Annoying Writer’s Block...

Writer’s Block happens to everyone, so you are not alone! Yesterday’s episode of Bookish Chatter covered the causes & solutions for writer’s block.


Favorite #Hashtags to search on swell?...

Today I tried to explain #hashtags and their purpose to my dad who has never been on social media. Do you use #hashtags on Swell? Which are your favs?


Bookish Chatter - Crystal Ball

Today Crystal shared about her journey of writing herself out of a prison sentence, tips for new authors, and more!



The Protector Book Trailer 😱

#TheProtector #booktrailer is here and it is🔥🔥🔥! Be sure to check it out!


Bookish Chatter-Emily Myers

Come listen about Emily’s author journey, writing tips, and advice on publishing as we celebrate the release of her new book out on Amazon Tomorrow! 🥂


More episodes up on Bookish Chatter!

Make sure to check out #BookishChatter! More great episodes up, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions about the episodes!




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