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Bowie Rowan

 · 5mo ago · 2:17
Do you trust yourself more than others?

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"…We're both writers and and I am in the process of making some pretty big decisions about a project I've been working on recently and it's future and I've gotten a lot of feedback from mentors and also some other professionals who have shown some interest in my work in the industry and it's been challenging because I've really had to sit and sort through what resonates with me about their feedback and what I don't agree with and what my gut is telling me is maybe their opinion but not what feels right or true to me about changes I need to make or how to proceed and it's had me reflecting on other moments like this particularly when it comes to my writing or creative life and honestly also bigger life decisions about moving or travel or where to live or work opportunities and every time I've made a choice where I've chosen to trust myself even when others in my life that I love don't necessarily agree with and fully support the decision I'm making.…"

#trust #creativity #selftrust #mentalhealth


J.L. Beasley

 · 5mo ago · 4:25

"…And so whatever it is that you believe you need to do, do it. Because let me tell you, you will have no regrets. Even if it doesn't turn out fruitful or positive, what will keep you moving forward and keep you at peace with yourself is that you moved on. What you felt was right. You went in the direction that you felt was right.…"


Isabella Croston

 · 5mo ago · 0:57

"…But I can't think of any specific scenarios in which I've had a moment of where I've really thought about self trust. But I definitely do trust myself more than others and my own instincts as well, which is kind of strange that I liked when other people make decisions. Like, I'm very indecisive even when I have opinions, but I still would rather the other person make the decision. I think it's an anxiety thing. I don't know. But yeah.…"


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15

Dewuan .

 · 5mo ago · 2:36

"…This is an interesting question because one would presume naturally that others you natur you trust others naturally, then you would trust yourself. For for me, I've always trusted my judgment myself more so than others, but that doesn't mean I'm always right. But that's usually the first instinct is what do I think about this? How do I feel? What's my judgment call? And I had to later in life learn to kind of seek others evaluation of the situation.…"



Shehla Faizi

 · 5mo ago · 2:27

"…Meaning that for writing, for example, you could show them a piece of writing and they might not fully understand your intentions or inspirations behind it and accordingly give feedback on what they feel about it. I think if I had to put an assessment on anything that was like feedback on my work, I have to sort of stand back and get the feedback, and then I'd have to assess where my gut reaction to that feedback is coming from.…"


tulika agarwal

 · 5mo ago · 0:06

Eric Owens

 · 5mo ago · 1:17

"…Hey, good morning. Eric here. Thanks so much for the invite. You know, that's a really good question. My advice, which is similar to the advice that you've already heard from some of the other swell casters out there, is put trust in yourself. Always trust yourself. Trust your gut instinct. 99% of the time, your gut instinct will, in fact, be right no matter what the situation is most of the time.…"


Lindsey Morrison

 · 5mo ago · 2:37

"…I wish that I did trust myself more or believed in myself more. I'm trying to be more confident in that. But honestly, others opinions or others two cent on things that I've presented affects me more than it should. Anyway, I appreciate this. Swell. It sounds to me like you definitely have a good grasp on your view, on your maturity, on everything, and I think that you'll do.…"

Idk if I should ..... 😶‍🌫️

Maria Kennedy

 · 5mo ago · 4:23

"…Because sometimes, let's say a love interest, for example, that person comes with a lot of baggage. Everyone comes with baggage, some kind of baggage. And you ask some questions about your love life, and maybe that person that you're talking to or you're with, they have a different perspective of that person, or they have a different perspective about relationships in general, and that can affect the response that they give you about that person or about relationships in general.…"


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