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The Best Podcasts for the Pandemic 🎧

article image placeholderDr. Vivek Murthy and BrenΓ© on loneliness and connection - Unlocking Us with BrenΓ© Brown
But I'm curious, what are the podcasts that have been helping you get through the last couple of months? And are there any that you're looking forward to that are going to be coming out soon? The reason I love Brene Brown's podcast is because she's talking to so many interesting people about a lot of different things, but a lot of it comes back to Connection and what we can learn from each other

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"On Being" keeps me in sync with my soul and my brain ;)

I love Invisibilia Yeah, I want to keep my brain going. I want to be mushy. So I'm pushing myself to listen to stuff that is not as soft as the psychology of our times, which is, I shouldn't use the word soft. It's extremely important to be in tune with the language and the framing of this to help us be mentally healthy. But I've been trying to keep my brain really engaged, so I don't lose my edge. So I lean towards that
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#humor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hey, Rachel, I have always found humor to be the best medicine for the soul. And so for me, my all time favorite podcast is, Wait, wait, don't tell me. In NPR, it's just hilarious. I just laugh so much in every episode. So that's always been the bomb to my soul in whatever mood I am in that brings a smile. And that brings very fresh perspective. So that's my recommendation. Yes
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Moonface πŸŒ“https://pca.st/podcast/918d0fc0-b597-0137-faee-0acc26574db2

I'm so glad that humor was mentioned because it reminded me of a podcast series that I listened to over the course of the pandemic. That was just such a delightful surprise to me. And it is called Moonface like M-O-O-N-F-A-C-E. And it is actually a fictional show that is about a Korean American son and who wants to come out to his mother. And so there are serious and really heartfelt moments. But there's so much about it that I also just found to be really funny
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I don't think this is exactly what you're looking for, but I'm going to go ahead and recommend a podcast that is actually on the pandemic. And that is Dr. Michael Olsterholm, who is who does a weekly podcast. And he is the head of the the center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Sidrap at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Olstrom does a weekly podcast. He has done ten so far, and I look forward to them every week
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Hi, Rachel. Hi, Deborah. Especially Deborah, for introducing me to this podcast. Sorry, Swell cast. I would say this is maybe my third reply on the Swell been having this issue of having my own podcast, and I don't have any conversations with my podcast. You have been posting a lot of episodes, maybe 20, 30, 40 episodes, and no one is actually replying or leaving any voice message on that podcast
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