Swellcast Story Slam


It’s art. It’s life. Our shared stories whip us into a frenzy of laughter / tears / connection. Give us your best. Record in @storyslam



YOUR STORY HERE : a digital campfire 🔥

Story slams have no rules. We just ask that you show up with your best self, with a great story. It needs a beginning and an end! Bring your A game!



The Kidnapped Youth

When you go cross county with a stranger, maybe ask more questions. A true story of travel and crime.







let's write a Seussian narrative poem 🌼🧸🎩

Writer's challenge: add 3 lines that rhyme to keep the poem going! #writing #writers #prompt #poetry #story #justforfun



SLAM Your Best Bad Weather Story HERE!

The drama of weather is on our minds these days. Got a story about heroic survival? Wet dogs? Tumbling buildings? Frozen body parts?



A collaborative, horror, scifi story; told 10 seconds at a time. 🚀

I enjoyed our previous scifi story so much, I'm proposing another! Join me??




My very first World Series of Poker. ♠️

Playing in the $10,000 Main Event, surrounded by pros.


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