@SVJ · 1:38

When music crossed borders to hook me for life.

Maybe together we can get somewhere. I was all of ten when I listened to this track for the very first time. My dad had gifted me a Tracy Chapman album for my birthday. And those days it used to be an audio cassette. My first introduction to Western pop music was through this album. I listened to it, and it just blew me. Ever since

#tracychapman #fastcar #musictranscendingborders #myfirstswell

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:40

Circle Game ... #complex #jonimitchell

So many songs, I think Circle Game Joni Mitchell such a weird, sad, happy song changed me a bit when I first heard that that a song could be happy and sad at the same time. I remember thinking that it's about time passage, but it wasn't as happy as the song sounded. So it was a very interesting thing that I learned. And as a songwriter, that was profound to me. I had a chance to meet Tracy Chapman a couple of times in San Francisco
Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 1:34
So I have a song that I launched my, you know, passion for music. I was probably just just entering my teens. And till then, I had never listened to any form of music. Really, my family was not into music. Nobody really listened to much music. And I came across this song in a TV serial by chance and was so taken up by it that I went to this one music store that was in my city and described it
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Welcome to Swell!

Arish Ali
@arish · 1:38

A.R. Rahman’s debut album, Roja #bollywood #songs

That song is from Rocha Air Raman's debut album in Bollywood, and this was a song and this album kind of blew our socks off when it first came out. I still remember this particular song because I used to hear in the first real stereo system I ever had turned the lights off in the living room and blast it at full blast. And it would transport me into a magical place. This was such an amazing song, and this was the kind of music we had never heard before in Bollywood
@SVJ · 1:40

#music, a beautiful extension of who we are as people

Thank you, Deborah, for introducing me to The Circle Game. This song is just so timeless. And I think it's like a book, you know, one that I will go back to again and again and find new meaning every time I go. I'm super thrilled to know that you met Tracy Chapman. At first it was the music that reached out to me as a child. And then as I started growing up, the words made so much sense to me
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 4:54

Belle and Sebastian 🐯

Wow. I love this conversation so much. It's amazing because I have so many of my own personal memories tied to Tracy Chapman, Bowie, Mitchell, George Michael that I feel like, like I could talk endlessly about them. And the song you posted is so haunting. And also it was interesting to me you talked about being in kind of a hypnotic state or trance, whatever word you use. And I could see that it's absolutely gorgeous
poorna unni
@Poorna · 2:04

Music #memories

Do you want to be a teenager, an early adult? It takes you back exactly to that moment in life where you heard that song and where you would want to be. So for me, music is all about memories, and it changes according to your mood. You can listen to a happy song or a sad song, and it just changes your thinking. It changes your mood, especially when you are a person with no special taste for music. It's all about borrowed choices
Danny Moynahan
@Danny · 1:37

The Heartbeat of Soweto

Every track on the album was thick with gorgeous melodies and really exciting, intricately woven rhythms. Big ensembles and everybody's weaving their rhythms together. Lots of vocals. It was gorgeous, and it made me wonder what other treasures are out there. I ended up finding lots more South African compilation albums, and it got me looking in other parts of the world, too, for other really wonderful musical gems. But it all started started with The Heartbeat of Soweto
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Hey everyone, I would like to post this reply by Vijayanathan under this post because I think she has she meant to reply here but posted this so it's a beautiful response and I must have this in this thread so I'm putting it here. Thank you so much. You're
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