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I focus on the randomness of it all, of everything. No real niché, just real content from a real dude.

Reimagining of Russelltopia

Here’s what I’ve been up to...



I Was Pondering...

Why am I here? With so many good people being taken from us, why is my ugly mug still here?



Meanwhile, Back In My Neck of the Woods

I’m briefly back to update you on my whereabouts and happenings since we last hung out!



Police Brutality And The African American Community

Another black man has been killed by a police officer, this time your Atlanta. This is got to stop and the police need to be retrained! Your thoughts?



A Good Cry...

Meltdowns are fun! So, how was your day?


"Enter the Little Ninja, Part 2"

The exciting conclusion to the other part.


Enter The Little Ninja!

This one time, when I was a kid, I was a ninja... for one night... hilarity insued! And sorry for all of the smacking. I’m just weird.



Hope Exhausted...

Get ready for a whoooooole lot of negativity in today’s share.



Hope Restored...

Just me sharing how much better my day and week have started turning out.


My First Swell

Has the Second Coronavirus Phase Begun?


I Need Your Help and Some Advice

In this edition of Swell After Dark, Russ seeks advice for potential YouTube video ideas... and junk!


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