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Co-Founder of Life Origami with Amethyst Dickson: When It’s Time To Regroup and Rebuild or Create An Action Plan for Life or Business



Startup Illusions of grandeur, assumptions

Sudden success is often decades in the making @Taylor @NLOFrank



A Net-Zero Business

A business that maintains a net zero carbon footprint is achievable, it requires research, thought and creativity but it is attainable

Climate change in my part of the world

I’m shocked how quickly climate change is changing our society, our climate and business and economic models






Parents are persons too

We owe it to our parents and grand parents to see them, hear them and acknowledge them as persons not just as parents


What we believe about spirituality and coaching

We have a very unconventional and unique approach to how we provide coaching and support toare clientele





Hypnotized by social media?

When it comes to social media, internet we end up hypnotized by a world that doesn’t exist.

Question of the day, life lessons

What lesson from your life experience could you share with them that you wish you’d have understood sooner?


Morals and ethics as a risk factor during COVID era

How does our morals and ethics impact our exposure risk during the Covid era?



Pride is a double edged sword, is our pride just a layer which protect our Achilles heel?

My #pride was revealed when I slipped on the icy steps in our new home , I was #vulnerable laying on the concrete in the snow  #lifeorigami

What do you do when you reached your enough point?

Amethyst and Greg discuss the challenge of creating forward movement once you’ve made a decision to change


Starting (Over) Again

Dealing with a pandemic grief and loss(" (30:28)



Facebook turned into hate book

The trolls are intentionally trolling to create engagement so they can continue trolling


‘Twas the eve before Christmas Eve COVID-19 version ...

Author unknown with edits by yours truly

Thoughts are like baggage?

We go through life & assimilate a other peoples thought baggage, when was the last time u audited, deleted or changed them


Swell Experiment: Guided Meditation

Things are not always as they appear, our perceptions may or may not be accurate

COVID Conundrum

Not taking the vaccine just doesn’t make sense


A Mandala Mashup

This is a combination of my Mandela art and pointillism that took about a week to do



Rant COVID-19 misinformation, lack of critical thinking

We’ve gone from very low infection rates to the highest in the country



Conversational leadership, listen by asking open ended, probing questions that make people think

Breathe, Pause, Reflect and then Respond, resist the urge to say what first comes to your mind #lifeorigami #dialogue #listening #learningcurve




Our capacity for change is limited, we have a love/hate relationship w/change

I’d like to explore, listen to my Twitter audio (8 minutes) approximately



Toucan Impressionism using Pointillism

Took me about six months to draw this digitally, ZOOM in to see detail and the dots


Capitalism is Failing During the Pandemic

I believe capitalism is quickly collapsing we need to think differently, let’s debate and discuss

Redirect pandemic energy

I’ve been learning to redirect my pandemic confusion, anger and tension to self care

Emotional attachment and customer service

I’m surprised at my emotions when served well during this COVID era


The race to zero $0 cell phone with Shaw cable in Canada, we are switching

Canadian Innovation in cell phone data plans, is electricity to soon follow?




Are you planning a dental visit during the pandemic?

We must reinvent personal services, health care and businesses



Please, 2 week lockdown in Alberta

To save lives we need a two week #circuitbreaker #lockdown otherwise the economy will be deemed a greater priority instead of lives in #alberta


Newbies Swell community observations

There is a kind, gentle and caring community here that I admire and value deeply @mererlyhuman



Authentic Conversations

We crave authenticity and connection which we get in spaces using audio apps #lifeorigami #genuinedialogue #authentic @Swell @CaliGooner @MerelyHuman





First Swell introducing myself

A bit about me and the business I operate with my wife


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