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I'll go on and on about science, the universe and it's physics, so hey, welcome, let's nerd it out together! ✨✨


Science of tickling

Somato what what?? Yes your brain is really smart! #sayitonswell #convos


The science of being tired in online meetings

Yes, we might be tired because of the lag, but that isn't all, and what's with science of it?? #sayitonswell #convos #science #curiosity


Science of Love!

Yummm, a cocktail of love sounds delicious though, right?



Theory: Hidden energy source?

There has been no proof of the same, despite many arguments made even by prevalent people.



Deja Vu Universe theory?

Yupp, you've probably felt Deja Vu before, but ever thought of your alternate universe self whi felt the same?

Theory: Fighting Thermodynamics ?

This one is a reach for sure. I want to make it clear, I'm talking about the term "environmental energy", not energy in the environment or further.


Theory: Simulated world??

We might actually be living our matrix lives right now! I mentioned the article in the scientific American by Nick Bostrom.

Theory: Red Mercury?!

There's a very high chance this might just be a hoax, but also a very high chance that it isn't!

Theory: BigFoot!

Maybe we should ask the FBI after all?


Theory: Hollow Earth!

Just a theory guys, as of now science still backs the idea of hot swishing lava!

Theory: Mermaids?

Are Mermaids actually real? Well it hasn't been proven by the NOAA just yet!


The multiple universe theory?

So, what are thoughts on multiple universes?


Did You Know : Shrimp Edition!

Yupp, shrimps can't scientifically get their heart out of their head!

Question: Keeping Up with Kardashians?

What's your opinion on Keeping Up with Kardashians?


Fun Fact: Microbes all over you!

Don't just go bathing just yet, they're actually really healthy for you!


Poll: Comic Or Movie Fan, which one is real?

This connotation that you can't call yourself a big fan if you haven't read a comic/manga(in case of animes) , what are your thoughts on it?


The Chemtrails Theory?

Let's talk about this really interesting conspiracy theory. ( Do read about Carnegie Institution of Technology's research on the same!)


The science of conspiracy theories 👀

We've all heard about conspiracy theories and even made our own, but let's get into the science of it.


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