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Latest Swells

Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 6:26
Maria Melanie
@mariatastic · 0:05
Dirty Joke 3
Denise Lewis
@myconfettitree3 · 4:56
How to know when your in alignment for your own personal good.
Tony Francisco
@Goldstarman · 4:59

everyone tries to gove you honey so they can get your money

Ann-Gela Kaye
@DearAuntyAng · 4:58
My first time getting a vitamin infusion
For the collective to thrive, we need an equilibrium between the individual & the collective.

NASA: https://s.swell.life/SU9w96WgZzV0lsG Individual: https://franklludwig.com/neurospectrum.html Grant: https://s.swell.life/SU9w8I3w1uvXQRG

Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 3:14
A childhood summer trip I still remember...

#sdp24Apr14 #SwellDailyPrompt #TellYourStory @dbpardes

Tammy Jean
@TammyJean · 3:21
My song: I Gotta Tell you a Story

#Godsthekey #Peace #Godsson #tammyjeanspoems #tencommandments

Matthew Phillips
@Talk77 · 4:44

Celebrating each other

MJ Brewer
@Mommas_Jungle · 4:59
A moment when I attempted to quit, but decided to live.

#YourPromptsMar24 #sppgupp2 @LiveLifeTalks https://s.swell.life/SU9w7Vn6CZwfDqk #TellYourStory

Shawna Kearsley
@OnAcornBay · 0:10
Part 1 - Perspective Separate what you can do from who you are. #OnAcornBay

The cream always rises to the top. Be prepared to pay the price in other areas to develop or talent to it true potential

David Munoz
@DMunoz_Artist · 3:53
Buoyancy Rumi

#Rumi #poetry #mysticism #recitation

@mire_of_musing · 2:32
Mental Health and Nonsensical Spew

#mentalhealth #openness #reality

Harvey Pullings II
@The79thstreetkd · 52:17
#antebellumfilmschool: Ep. 14 - Civil War: Alex Garland’s Apolitical Swan Song (SPOILERS)

In what might be Alex Garland’s final film, Civil War might be the finest attempt at an anti-war perspective, while also avoiding political stances.🎬

Relationships in my 20s VS 30s

Friendships, dating, work, family. What changes?

Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 4:06
A Fellow WRITER Is Being Pressured To Get Married— How Did We Respond?♥️

#Relationships #Weddings #Family

Zach Hillard
@Chief2 · 4:59
Shuffle Songs Sunday-week 46!

#ShuffleSongsSunday. #MusicalWeekend

Richard Taliaferro
@richtaliaferro · 2:25
Is intuition a substitute for communication?

#askswell #communication #conversations

Ariel Aiyegunle
@AstoldbyAri · 2:45
#PhotoStory | A photo I am proud of...

#TellYourStory #sppphotosp2 #photo

Alisa Gafeney
@Soul-Essentials · 4:55
Deep Stress Relief Meditation for Pregnancy

This meditation is designed to relieve stress, increase relaxation, introspection and sooth mental chatter while bonding with self and baby #meditate

Worldwide Swells

Pakiza Ahmad
@Ruh_Ki_Aawaaz · 0:52
Poem Dastaan-e-Chai

A poem dedicated to Chai (tea) from the poetry book Roohnaamaa by Roza Ahmad 'Aawaaz'

Preshti 57
@Preshtifeels · 4:06
What just happened

#preshtifeels #swellcast

Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 5:00
Normally we are in 2 minds: conscious & subconscious
I thought those
@ThoughtsByMe · 4:21
உங்கள் ஓட்டு ஏன் பாஜகவுக்கு?

#IndiaElectionsTN #sppineltnp1 https://s.swell.life/SU9vpncycvGz4lB #tamilnadu

@kreativeCHOKRA · 4:51
Sivaprakash Ravichandran
@siva · 5:00
உங்கள் ஓட்டு ஏன் பாஜகவுக்கு?

#IndiaElectionsTN #sppineltnp1 https://s.swell.life/SU9v2RwM5qWPjW4 #tamilnadu

Jaya Sharma
@jayasharma · 2:31
Saravanan Chinna
@chinna · 5:00
உங்கள் ஓட்டு ஏன் பாஜகவுக்கு இல்லை?

#IndiaElectionsTN #sppineltnp2 https://s.swell.life/SU9v4q4G8Ec6Avx #tamilnadu

S Karthick Rajan
@Karthick · 4:59
என் ஓட்டு ஏன் பாஜகவுக்கு?

#IndiaElectionsTN #sppineltnp1 https://s.swell.life/SU9uoGHwcHxSBRt #tamilnadu

uma uma
@riveesha · 1:21
Mere baare me
Jyoti Gupta
@Jyotiguptamonik · 1:31
Sachcha Lgta Hai
Radhika Agrawal
@lunaticsoul · 2:20
Your MAC Highlighter Ruined A Childhood

#poetry #childlabor #mining

Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 5:00
Is compromising the only solution?

#inspiration #motivation #learning

Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti
@Sri_Jaan · 1:11
Voice of heart 💕 Broken tears

#broken #love #hurt #pain

Upasana Billore
@Upasana1601 · 1:10
vanshika vats
@Vanshika0606 · 4:41
Diary of a Suicider


Eesha Choudhary
@QuarterLife · 2:45
EP:3- Quarter Life Dreams and LOVE LOVE LOVE

#love #advice #relationships #crush

Akhila P V
@AkhilaPV06 · 2:20
Igniting the fire within--A journey of self love

#Mentalhealth #health

Beulah Margaret
@LovelyLady · 0:49
Neha AG
@voiceinmymind · 4:50
Astrology and Tarot readings :)

#tarot #astrology

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