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Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 5:59
A sport I used to enjoy, but have not played in a while...

#sdp24Apr16 #SwellDailyPrompt #TellYourStory @phil

Talk About It Tuesday/ The Truth Shall Set You Free
Darrain …
@TheBriefOne · 4:52
How far shall YOU go the redefine your "Apex"?

If, to survive , you were first , due to environmental issues, only see brcoming " Apex Predator" as a obserable and optimal solution would you do it?

Denise Lewis
@myconfettitree3 · 4:49
The smallest angry teapot in me needs to unleash some steam
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 3:13
Culture Epi03: Preserve Culture?

Tradition vs Progression.

@mire_of_musing · 2:41
The Death Season

#life #change #lifephases

Blair Redmond
@blairbearing · 7:06
Poetry Reading (not an original piece) | Fallen Angel + Thoughts

#poetry #fallenangel #fathersdaughter #emo #thoughts

Jeremy Lesley
@jeremylesley · 3:33
You Are Worthy of Love

#love #selfworth #mentalhealth

Maria Melanie
@mariatastic · 0:11
This is what I say to the people who say I have too much jewelry.

#hoard #shinystuff #collector

Jennifer Grello
@Ayfkm_lotusowl · 4:59
Momma bear
Robert Jenkins
@Guruball1 · 4:22
John Sterling retires abruptly
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 5:49
Eye consumed poison, & it was hell 🥵

#hersisuonswell #heaven #hell

Martha Garvin
@Bible · 4:56
Spring in two love
Jason Whitaker
@jason29171 · 0:10
One Minute for Monday, April 15, 2024
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:41
Parents Ruining Kids Credit Before They Have A Chance In Life

#credit #parents #children https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLfyoL2M/


Today’s word #helpfulness and storytelling and others words to clarify, listen in! :) #marketing #socialmedia #energies #astrology #pluto #moon

Leanne Pritchett
@TheMs.Leanne · 4:52
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 4:19
I’m In the Middle of a Norse MYTHIC Fantasy That Has Me Biting My Nails😩✋🏾

Amazon Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3JiLKyn #NorseMythology #Romantasy #Fantasy #CurrentReads

Mental Wellness Stories
@hope · 2:58
INTIMACY | Introduction & Quote

#Intimacy #Relationships #Love #Fear

Worldwide Swells

Bobby Dsouza
@bobbydsouza · 2:39
Enhance your Workplace Influence: Part 1 - Proven

Discover insights gained from 21 years of working , learning and observing winners in the industry ! This is part 1 pf 4 episodes ! #influence #office

nalini pooja
@Pooja1234567 · 5:00
A sport I used to enjoy, but have not played in a while...

#sdp24Apr16 #SwellDailyPrompt #TellYourStory @phil

Chinmaya Mishra
@cm_dset10x · 4:42
If I could be a character in any book or movie...

#TheSwellQuestionnaire #spptsqp1 https://s.swell.life/SUA6HdNadqBqjNH #TellYourStory

Shalini Tomar
@Positivelife24 · 1:36
#Poetry | Reading one of my poems...Zindagi ka sach

#MyPoem #spppoepp2 https://s.swell.life/SUA6DJSOfn5bLA5 #poem

Mansi Singh
@ReadersCreators · 1:52
Chitvvan Waraich
@Chitvvan · 2:10
Story Of Shiva Other Name Ardhnarishwar

Legend behind hai ardhnarishwar form and name

Radhika Agrawal
@lunaticsoul · 3:51
Rupsa Pal Kundu
@Rupsareads · 1:35
Kritika Harshank
@DrK91 · 4:28
Join my fitness journey

#fitness #new #instagram

Empty Philosopher
@emptyphil · 1:10
Deepest Urge

This clip explains a deepest urge to someone so trustworthy, reliable and loved to stay around while the other person faces the cruel outside world.

Rakesh Kumar
@RakeshKumar2023 · 3:22
Power of silence


Nupur Upadhyaya
@Nupz33 · 4:23
A sport I used to enjoy, but have not played in a while...

#sdp24Apr16 #SwellDailyPrompt #TellYourStory @phil

Abhishek Deochake
@ThinkThrough · 2:52
Episode 5 | #WDIL | Company Urgency Stress

Company urgency cannot be your emergency

Shubhangi Mithal
@shubhangimithal · 2:24
Self control… fasting
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 4:26
uma uma
@riveesha · 2:11
I witnessed an act of bravery that inspired me when...

#sdp24Apr15 #SwellDailyPrompt #TellYourStory @dobbsty

Devansh Radia
@thebannerbuddy · 2:13
Lets go # move on # just get free
Sabeetha Sakadevan
@Sabeetha02 · 2:32
bie bie
@ferholinse · 0:07
Rozee R
@Rozee · 2:41
I embraced love after a long battle

#love #LoveStory #LifeStory #Story

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