Zoya A
@ZoyAmol · 2:37

Habits which motivate me to live.

I classify myself as a dreamer. I think I don't know whether these dreams are going to find a shape in future or not, but I dream. Do you know what fosters my dream? What provides courage for me to dream beyond my capacities, beyond my capabilities? And that is these short poems quotes, listening to people who have really made a great change in their life and have left a Mark in this world. I think so

Reading, listening, me time, poems, spark of life

Sharmila devi
@Sharmi · 0:07
Hey, this is Sharmi. It's a really amazing one all the way you have delivered. Thanks for sharing this
naina naina
@NAINA · 0:30
And every time we are getting a new thing or a good advice in our life, your posture is very nice and I loved it. And thanks for sharing live in Swiss
Abhishek Puri
@Namesh · 0:04
Yeah, this is very motivated for the habits