Zoya A
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Be the change you wish to see in others

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One thing very close to my heart is a quote that be be the change you wish to see in others. I think so. It's very important to know ourselves very well. Our behavior very well. Before we can to question somebody else, we need to refine ourselves, mold ourselves in a way that we want others to behave with us. We cannot simply tell anyone that be like this be like that because it makes us happy. Why? It's like questioning somebody else's individuality

Change, relation, evolve

sucharita Patra
@Suetwinslaugh · 0:05
Yeah, you're right. I think we should know ourselves before judging from what
Anitta P.J
@anittz · 0:14
It's just like how we know the thought that action speaks louder than words. So if we start doing something, it's going to reflect in the others. Anyways. Thank you for sharing. This one is really nice