Zoya A
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Is there anything you would like to add in your morning routine?

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There are certain activities which over the years have been established as our daily routine morning routine, especially. And I think so what we do in the morning is really important because that has an impact over the rest of our day. I'm not going to ask, what are the activities you guys follow when you get up because it has sort of entered in our life over the years, knowingly or unknowingly

There are certain new things which we would always wish to do right when we get up in the morning, but we are not always able to have them; yet the st

@Lavanya1111 · 0:27
Hi Zoya actually I want to include daily exercise or daily walking as my routine, but when I thought to do I will continue it for only ten days. After that I will leave. It just I want to add that in my everyday routine that was my wish so that my day will be more healthier, but I'm unable to do it. I hope I will do it. Thanks for this post
naina naina
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Every morning I just take a cup of tea and go to my friend yard or just walk out just with them. And I feel more relaxed and very fresh. But nowadays I just can't do that. So I wish once again I can start that and have a nice day. Bye
Cara Plumhoff
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I think I would like to try to meditate every morning just because I feel like it really helps me, like, set intentions for my day. I've done it a few times, kind of sporadically, but I think like every every time that I do it, I just feel like my day is a lot more focused, and I have more of a purpose
Darshini Kumar
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Hi. So I think Lol, I have to wake up first in the morning to establish a morning routine like I do wake up, but with a lot, you know, with a great deal of difficulty, but yeah, jokes apart. You know, I've never tried reading a book as soon as I get up. So maybe I would want to establish that as a routine or exercise, move my body or just lay down there and have a mental to do list
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Sharmila devi
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I just go for Yuka when I see Instagram reels and address. They just posted yoga there. Maybe the actor might have 30 to 40 around age, but she or he's still fit and anger. So if I wake up earlier, I go for yoga. That will be my morning Greetings and thanks for sharing