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Managing your rage

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I end up showing out my anger by saying words or by just letting it out anyhow just letting it out. I would like to know how you guys manage your anger and how do you deal with it so that you end up not hurting people who are close to you

Angwr management

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Hey, I think I made an entire post about, like how I deal up office with anger, so I'm just gonna link it in the description
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Hello. It's mainlinea and it's true that other anger is an unavailable thing in one's life. And if I say mine whenever I get angry on someone or something, I always used to get a glass of water and I drink and I feel more relaxed towards that person. It seems to be like other funniest thing, but I feel more okay to that person that made me angry. And thanks for sharing this inspiration. Thank you. Bye
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Whenever crying just like a baby. When I was crying automatically. Sleep in life and I will sleep after waking up. Everything will be fine. It's something before sleep. Nothing happened. I didn't fight with memoir my friends. Everything will be fine. Just go for a sleep. Thanks for sharing and asking this. Thank you. Bye