Zoya A
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Serious looking or Happy go lucky types?

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There's a question which I would like to put forth. And it's what what what what kind of people would you surround yourself with, like, very serious looking, very. What do you say? Very less speaking. And in our language, boring. I'm sorry

What kind of people would you like to surround yourself with?

Anitta P.J
@anittz · 0:22
I think I prefer both types because we can't have happy people always or boring people always in our lives. Right. So like to surround yourself with with people of both types. So that don't know why that gives some real life situations. Or that makes things realistic
sairaj Singh
@srs212 · 0:22
I think something will be much better if a person will be act according to the situation. Like if you are happy we have something to share. It will be just happiest moment and sometime when we have some problems or something it will be a serious one that's
Sharmila devi
@Sharmi · 0:57
It's not like a happier or a serious kind of person. I just want someone who spread positivity with full of energetic and enthusiastic person just because I'm both. I'm kind of a serious and happiest person. If someone comes to me and tells me something serious about it, I just spread positivity. I like spawn someone like me more like me. Spreading positivity makes more comfortable than negative wise and everyone gets ups and downs in their life