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Hip Surgery Advice

The main one being, like, my dad can't walk by himself and we have to help him in and out of bed. We have to help him a lot. It's really not fun to see and a little scary and a little sad, but there's also all these other things that are piling on family dynamics, let's say. But he didn't like his physical therapist who came to his house just one time

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Hey. Yes. And yes. And yes. Trixie Delight is her username here. I think you've met her, Alicia. She had a hip replacement and had incredible experience with a great physical therapist and healed 300%. It's a really specific protocol. So I will add her here. I'll tag her here. And I will also send her this swell
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So therapist would come and work with them for, I don't know, half an hour, 1 hour every day. And I think that's important. So this is just what I know from knee replacement, but I'm assuming that the hip replacement has very similar needs. So I just wanted to put my thoughts over here
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Thank you. Deb, this is so helpful. Love you. Bye
Alicia Sedwick
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And yeah, it's really tough. It's a massive surgery, but the success rate is so amazing and you get 30 years out of it. And I'm like sporty spice athlete. And I was literally hiking the night before surgery. So I hadn't gotten to the point where I was limping and in chronic pain. I was just getting limited in my life and I couldn't run after a tennis ball and I couldn't take two stairs at a time. And I wanted that back
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I know he could get a swell account and be like, hey, what's my daughter saying about me? But he's killing it. He's overall doing really well, recovering well, walking around with his Walker, less pain every day, it seems. And he wants his goal is to be able to do downhill skiing again, which is a passion of his. And I think he'll get there based on what you're saying. Kayaking, hiking, that's all great stuff